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Swarnmandir Pvt. Ltd.

Vivekananda Road City - Tumkur State - Karnataka India, Karnataka, India

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A heartiest welcome to the glittering world of Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd.. Ours is a success story corroborated by the selection of our enthralling studded jewelry. True to the essence of the company, our Diamond Studded Jewellery reflects what we do Best Enthrall Jewelry Lovers. Our products are actually triumphing of our designing capabilities and excellent craftsmanship. Quality without any doubt has been our tradition right from the word goes. And precisely so we have a unique distinction of crafting Miss India crowns for the years 2004, 2006 & 2007. Subsequently with this, we have imprinted our overwhelming presence in the industry of studded diamond jewelry. We leave no stones unturned to extend our hands in delightful services for the customers with abet of our breathtaking collection of jewelleries. In addition to the above, we have been also producing DTC products for TANISHQ – TATA. Considering our influential position in the market, we have been also awarded Certificate of Appreciation from TANISHQ etc. Besides, we are one of the most momentous studded ring manufacturers in the country. The company also boasts of being among the leading studded watch suppliers in India as well.